Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Soft Steel Bench

one of my bench design for "The Buses Stop Here" - City of Ferndale (MI) Bench Project.
original idea was to design a prototype bench which could be easy mass-produce by laser-cut machine. The pattern creates triple metaphor which are the imagenation of the history of woodward avenue, transforming the image of regular strip bench and also bring the image of interior fiber-cloth cover furniture to the exterior public space.

design michigan director: Jack Williamson
design: Yu-Chih Hsiao
laser cut: Custom Form, MI
steel fabrication and finish: Andy Weitnauer

photos: 1-4_original proposal images, 5_The Buses Stop Here exhibition at Paramount Bank Gallery, Ferndale, 6_bench installed at 9 miles rd near by woodward avenue, 7_actually in front
of the monkey bar :)


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