Monday, November 14, 2005

saarinen dress

saarinen dressing, originally uploaded by atosix.

recycle the material of saarinen cardboard tower of fanfare, make another piece of work to tribute saarinen, again:)

by the way, i got the mail today: Yuji,I was browsing blogs... You've misspelled Saarinen on your blog. You will go to Architecture hell for this._Andy

So, i revision it, sorry Saarinen, and thanks Andy.....but where is the architecture paradise?

again~~i got another email from Casey

Hey Yuji,I was checking out your blog site and now you are really going to go to hell. You have still misspelled Saarinen. It is... "SAARINEN". With an 'e'.It's improving, though!later,-Casey

i hope this time i can say good bye to architecture hell.

cardboard fence

cardboard fence, originally uploaded by atosix.

a cheap solution to stop the leaves but keep the air circulation through our studio when the trailer was chopping

Sunday, November 06, 2005

cardboard table mat

cardboard table mat, originally uploaded by atosix.

cardboard table mat for fanfare 05 at crabbrook architecture dept. studio.
design team:
Mikolaj: cardbaord bag design+ drawing
yuji: drawing+ graphic+ design
thomas: texts+ supply
eric: multimedia making
bill: spring structure design+ concept
brian: rhino drawing+ laser operate

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

dining landscape

tray, originally uploaded by atosix.

a cardboard tray design as a dining landscape for fanfare 05

cardboard chair

cardboard, originally uploaded by atosix.

collaboration with michael flynn, cardboard chair model. (on the background of thomas gradner's dinner landscape work)

saarinen segway tower

L1040604, originally uploaded by atosix.

idea: bill
3D: brian
2D: yuji
using saarinen pattern as the structure of the cradboard tower,
set on bill's segway. a moveable
tower for fanfare 05.